While our teams in Bucharest are getting ready for a week of leadership talks and product vision workshop, we had an intense weekend at the second hackathon that took place in Cluj. It was a long night for both the Innovation Labs 2.0 team and our 17 finalists that worked tirelessly to develop working prototypes and valid business concepts for their products.

Early this morning everyone was looking forward to pitch their products and convince the jury that their idea is the best and deserves to enter the pre-acceleration program. We were proud to have in the final jury great entrepreneurs and industry leaders: Cristian Paţachia (Development & Innovation Manager Orange), Mihnea Dumitru (Convergent Marketing Manager Orange), Dan Suciu (Director of Engineering at 3Pillar Global), Vlad Ciurca (Startup Weekend organizer), Oana Petruş (Startup Weekend organizer), Marius Mornea (Project Manager Epistemio), Marius Mocian (Head of Sales hipMenu), Mircea Paţachi (Perl Department Manager Evoxon), Florin Mureşan (CEO Squirrly), Silvian Morariu (Development Manager AROBS), and Iulian Niţescu (CTO Graphmasters).

We had 15 pitches this very morning, since two of the teams gave up during the night and decided not to pitch their products in front of the jury. The 3 minutes presentation reflected both the progress registered by the teams, as well as their commitment to building innovative products that can change the world.

In the end, the jury had to decide on the best 10 teams that are going to enter the Innovation Labs 2.0 pre-accelereation program. After a long debate, they decided that the winners are:

  1. Cyberrevlution: Mobile app that offers the users an innovative treasure hunting game by using geo-location services
  2. Zeno: Bracelet that monitors the vital signs of its user
  3. Engineers4Cluj: mobile app that shows its users the location and schedule of public buses
  4. KiLine: app that offers a smart shopping alternative and offers its users personalized discounts, location and tracking services
  5. New in town: a 3D printing marketplace
  6. Plexis: mobile social app grouping users according to their hobbies
  7. Quicksilver: system that innovates in the field of ticketing by allowing the controller to check the validity of the ticked in the bar code
  8. SpotTune: Mobile assistant app that learns the user’s behavior and helps manage easy daily tasks.
  9. Job Link: helps business find better matching employess, based on their common interests. The app also suggests businesses personalized incentives for their staff.
  10. Xetten: App that can be used for ordering fast and healthy food

Next week, the 20 finalists are going to officially enter the pre-acceleration program. Their work does not end here and for the next 3 months they will have to work on further developing their products and business models, while receiving customer validation. Their efforts will be supported by our trusted mentors that are going to help them build great tech products with disruptive potential.

If you’re curious about what our now 26 finalists in Bucharest and Cluj are working on, stay tuned! Soon we’ll begin publishing articles presenting the teams and their products.